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Where to Live in London

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Where to Live in London
If you have a dream of moving to London and living there, you have to consider that you will encounter one of the largest and cosmopolitan metropolises in the world, you can live a very comfortable life and you may experience difficulties in a neighborhood that you may regret. As LondonbyJada, we tried to briefly explain the most livable and uninhabitable areas of London and help you determine the area that suits your needs. London's Most Suitable Neighborhoods to Live in Isle of Dogs: Voted "London's most liveable place" by the Sunday Times in 2019, Isle of Dogs is a quiet neighborhood in east London by the River Thames. Isle of Dogs, where very luxurious and high skyscrapers meet with quiet and single-storey houses, stands out as the first address of good schools, big markets and a safe life. Chiswick: Chiswick, which stands out with its parks and detached houses, is a district that attracts attention with its safety and good public schools like the Isle of Dogs. Chiswick, which has a town feel, is on our list as a neighborhood away from the bustle of the city, with luxury restaurants, English-style pubs and many places to be needed. Battersea: Battersea, which has many opportunities for children such as parks and zoos, draws attention as one of the first choices of families with small children, thanks to its fun and greenery. Angel: Angel, the district of London that stands out with its fun atmosphere, is home to many British-style pubs, restaurants and cocktail bars. Angel, which is close to the city center, is a place preferred by singles or young married couples as it is a lively neighborhood almost every hour of the day. Belgravia: Belgravia, where you can find luxury and order together, is like a holiday resort with its sparkling streets, shops selling many different products, and squares. Even sitting aside in Belgravia and contemplating the neatly constructed and harmonious buildings as if to prove that London is a planned city can be a relief.

Richmond: Richmond, one of the greenest places in London, is a district built on the banks of the River Thames. Richmond is so intertwined with nature that you are likely to see a wild squirrel or gazelle on the street. Richmond, with its historical buildings, is among the preferences of those looking for a safe and quiet life. Blackheat: Located at the starting point of the London Marathon, Blackheat looks like a quiet town with many restaurants and pubs. In Blackheat, which makes its residents comfortable in terms of public transportation thanks to the train station, you can meet many people who go for a walk with their dogs or do morning sports. Crystal Palace: Perched on a gentle hill, Crystal Palace is described by many Londoners as the “most livable neighbourhood”. With its large and green parks, its location overlooking London, all kinds of restaurants and shopping opportunities, Crystal Palace is among the most suitable neighborhoods to settle in in London. Where Not to Live in London Although the places mentioned above are the most livable districts of London, almost every part of the city can meet the expectations of a classical Turkish family, except for a few main districts. However, as in every metropolis, there are districts in London where crime, noise or disorder are rampant, and it would be good to know these districts when moving. Westminster: For the last few years, Westminster, which has been the first in crime rates, is one of the places where a normal Londoner would not want to live. Newham: Located in the center of the city, Newham keeps its place on the agenda especially with the crimes of smuggling and pickpocketing. Camden: Known for crimes such as theft and extortion, Camden is the wrong choice to live.
Our recommendation. If you are in trouble. Go to the Turkish quarter in London. Ask a Turk for help. Surely someone will lend you a helping hand. It's good to be friends with a Turk.

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