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How do you hang on in New York without knowing anything?

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How do you hang on in New York without knowing anything?

The country is coming towards you. It was always coming. Still, our country – but even more beautiful from afar… This article is for our friends who are hurting. People are ready to burn the ships because things are getting out of hand. We know that dozens of people around us want to get away from where they are, even for a while. Even though we have been away from the heat of the agenda for 9 months, if we are stressed here, the magnitude of the unhappiness in Turkey is immeasurable. -This unhappiness is one of the biggest reasons why we fled here at the time...
Read the article completely apolitical. Fleeing or staying to fight, homeland nation sakarya, empathy, sympathy, ideology, this is this; all in the trash… Let's say you're thinking of going somewhere. What can you make from scratch in New York? Its good or bad sides... Here I wanted to write an article where you can find the answer to this question and can help you, albeit a little. I wish we could share information about other countries as well. For example, I am madly curious about Australia. Why don't we do another crazy thing?

Coming here is not as difficult as you might think. You don't need as much money as you calculate. A classic plane ride; The only problem is visa. Come with a tourist visa. 6 months check here. If your situation is dire, earn money, get some relief and come back. Being a student is very difficult. I repeat, being a student is very difficult. You may have a chance to stay uninterrupted for 5 years, but school will finish you off. The biggest reason why many people become fugitives is their inability to endure absenteeism.

First I want to write the pros and cons that come to my mind.

Why Is It Good To Live In New York?

- You will not be held accountable for anything. Dress, tradition, custom, education, work, future, past…

- You are accepted as you are. You can even decide again what you will be here.

- Anyone who is hardworking and ambitious can find a job.

- They do not want more than what you are successful in.

- Your hours are worth money. If you work 15 minutes more, you get paid.

- Everyone in town has an excuse to have fun. They even celebrate the Labor Day holiday with a concert.

- You don't have to walk on the street looking back. Nobody bothers you on the subway at 5 in the morning.

- Penalties are heavy. Hot wars between people are rare.

- Nobody talks politics.

- Homeless people who ask you for money will thank you and leave if you don't.

- You can talk to people comfortably. Apart from the depth or shallowness of the relationships, a life without paranoia passes.

- Nobody gets in front of your turn. It even gives you its own place.

- Doors are always kept for those from behind.

- You see the most cracked people in the world together. Your life energy will increase.

- Every person who passes you on the street has an interesting life story. It is very easy to listen to them.

- You can enter any shop and ask for a job. They will never offend you.

- Transportation is very easy. The streets are beautiful.

- If it's too crowded, everyone waits for the next subway.

- Even if you call 911 because something smells bad in the apartment, they won't say you stole our time when they come. (We tried it, we know from there)

- Eating and drinking is very cheap. Even with a minimum salary, you have the chance to dine at a luxury restaurant once a month. (Despite the tax!)

- Coffee is very cheap. You can drink very high quality coffee for funny figures.

- Water is drunk from the tap. There are water-boosting fountains everywhere. (Gyms, parks, museums, streets etc…)

- Electronics are cheap. (Despite the tax!)

- You can find jobs from every profession group on the internet. They often come back to your emails. Even if you're not qualified for the job, it's okay, you'll be friends.

- You can set up a company very easily. Simple ideas can turn into money in an instant. The government loves you as you pay your taxes.

- They listen to you without prejudice. Generally, the words that come out of your mouth are believed. You only look for lice.

- There are parks where you can rest in peace. Nobody smokes. With a 3-minute walk, you suddenly find yourself in another world. Some parks offer internet service.

- You can participate in chess tournaments with people you don't know in free playgrounds.

- Almost every region has a library. It gives free internet. It offers dozens of activities and course options.

- Those houses with gardens in the movies are for everyone. You can find very comfortable room.

- Gyms are very cheap. It starts at $15 per month.

- There are 24/7 events. There is always something going on about everything.

- The city is surrounded by free beaches. (But they can't get past us)

- There is Central Park, which is a world unto itself.

- Some of the world's largest museums and libraries are located here. You can go crazy with the exhibits.
Why Is It Hard To Live In New York?

- House rents are very high. If you share houses with people, sometimes problems can arise.

- There is no washing machine in the houses. (I don't know if this is hard. You give it to Laundry, they wash it, fold it and bring it back)

- Like everywhere else, there are strange people here, they can disturb your order.

- For Americans, they can go seriously crazy.

- Working hours are incredibly crowded. Everyone runs somewhere. Sometimes you have to fight with someone.

- Transportation is expensive. The monthly subway card is $116. You work for it for a day and a half with minimal income.

- There are no special options for students.

- Taxes are high.

- You may not understand time. Sometimes life has passed.

- If you do not have permits in the country, you can do vacant jobs for a long time.

- Human relationships are not very deep. (Not for everyone) You meet fast and leave quickly. Sometimes you just can't make time for anyone.

- You can't trust anyone but yourself.

- The streets of some areas are dirty. There are too many homeless people.

- You have to tip everywhere. Even in a taxi... The city is built on tipping.

- Your slightest weakness can turn into a big problem. You have to be constantly active.

- Schools are very expensive. Non-citizens always have a harder time.

- The state does not insure you. The emergency departments of the hospital will take care of you, but the bill will be hefty.

- The weather is bad. In winter you freeze, in summer you cook. You can hardly see the spring face.

- Excess ethnic identity can bother you from time to time.

- It is so hot inside the subways that you cannot breathe in the summer.

- You solve dozens of problems at the same time and think about the future. Every two weeks despair comes.

- English is not as easy as one might think. It annoys you at times.

- There is no tradition of restaurants and tea gardens on the coast.

- Everything is very fast. Having a cup of tea and deer for hours seems like a waste of time now.


I want to write about what you can do with the worst case scenario. If you came alone, if you do not have a strong and social character, you will probably want to cool down and return from the city in two months. Well, you came alone but you want to stay?

- If you're looking for a home, start on Craigslist. Queens (Sunnyside-Long Island City-Woodside), Brooklyn (Prospect Park, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Atlantic Ave), New Jersey (Union City, Jersey City, Weehawken, Cliffside)

- Make sure that whoever owns the house does not take the rent off you. There are Lease owners who buy two people for $800 for a house with $1200 rent.

- If you are a student, make sure to get yourself a bank account. Your I-20 and the ID the school will give you are sufficient. Don't go to Bank of America. When your money is below a certain amount, they charge monthly Fee. Open from Chase.

- Go to the New York Public Library and other libraries and get a card with your bank statement that will come a month later. You can buy any book you want for free and benefit from everything in the libraries.

- If you want to sign up for sports, you can choose Blink Fitness or NYSC (New York Sports Club). Blink starts at $15 per month, NYSC $40. Never make a special subscription (for example, I want to enter Blink in every region). If you want to cancel, they charge close to 100 dollars. (I paid from there I know)

- Issue New York ID with your bank statement, passport and other documents. Anyone can get this ID. It works for you.

- If you don't have a credit score, you're nothing in America. Even if you are a student, remove the 'Secure' card and pay on time every month as if you were using an ATM card. $5 or $5,000, it doesn't matter how much you spend. Your timely payment is important to them. This creates your credit score. You can take out a loan the day after tomorrow.

- You can find all foreign company listings and divisions at www.nyc.gov. If you are looking for a job, email companies.

- You can get rich from tipped jobs. Become a bartender. You can earn up to $700 per week.

- A few of the Turkish Restaurants;

A La Turka: 2nd Street 1417

Gulluoglu: 2nd Street 982

Turkish Kitchen: 3.Cadde 386

Babylon: 208 East 34th Street

Ali Baba Restaurant: 2nd Street 862

Instant: 2nd Street 928

Sahara: 2nd Street 513

Istanbul Grill: 310 West 14th Street

Beyoglu: 3rd Street 1431

The list goes on, folks. We're pretty good in the restaurant business here.

- Download the Metro app. The map makes it easy for you to go anywhere. Finding an address in New York is easy. You solve the trains in two days. The app will show you the transfers.

- You can follow free events from sites such as Meetup.com, Spoilednyc.com, Nycgo.com.

- If you want to sell something, you can open a table on Bedford Street in Brooklyn/Williamsburg. Nobody tells you anything. The streets are yours as the checks are over after 5pm. You can sell something outside the main squares. Do not be shy, do not hesitate. You don't care about anyone.

- If you want to join Flea Markets, just send an e-mail.

Queens International Flea Market

LIC Market

Market Nyc

Fort Greene Flea

Brooklyn Flea

Artists and Fleas


Astoria Market

Hester Street Fair

Atlantic Flea Market

- They may ask for Tax ID for some jobs. It is an ID you will get to pay taxes. Anyone can take it off.

- If you cannot find a job, you can apply to the employment agency. New York State Department of Labor. I know they're taking your first week. Or there is a small fee.

- If you are looking for scholarships, there are hundreds of services at schools affiliated with Cuny. CUNY (City University of New York)-SUNY (State University of New York). The difference is that one covers schools around the state and the other covers schools around the city. State schools are cheaper. But both are expensive to non-citizens. Go to the CUNY Welcome Center and learn about schools (217 East 42nd Street). Average school fees start at $8,000 per semester (3-4 months). So $15,000 per year is the price of a middling College. If you come with a greencard and show you have no income, school comes for free.

- Download Tinder. Here is the easiest way to socialize. The more you get to know people, the easier your work gets.

- Always be active, never give up. A problem can arise in any matter at once. Thousands of people go through the same thing. New York both loves and grieves. Things will be fine.

- If you get sick, go to the emergency room of any hospital. Even if you don't pay the bill, but if you say you have no income, they will offer you a Benefit card or other options of the same type. You don't die in America when you get sick. We thought so.

- Make your metro card monthly. If you don't want to spend $116 every month, get a bike. Cycling is the best mode of transportation in New York. You can also use all buses with the metro card.

- There is an incredible concentration of Turkish companies in New Jersey, just so you know. The Paterson region is almost like a small Turkey.

- There are hundreds of internship opportunities on Craigslist. With a little buzz and confidence, you can get the job. They will not give money at first, but after that it is not clear.

-Always tie your donkey to a solid stake. Never! Never! Never! Don't change your life on someone else's word.

- If you are in a very difficult situation, reach out to a Turkish person and ask for help, they will definitely help you. :)

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